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Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said “No nation is healthy that parts company with its tradition.” Culture is an attitude of mind, an inclination of spirit and those who yearn for it, should sit in the presence of nobility, and see the highest reach and scope of the spirit of mankind. Today, Indian culture is in a stage of transition, which is to be brought into reality only through Schools of thought and Cultural organizations.

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S. Radhakrishnan

Our History

Noida Bengali Cultural Association (NBCA)

About-NBCA-1976 B

Initial spark of enthusiasm by NOIDA residents

The Residential and Industrial town NOIDA was established in 1976 under the administration of NEW OKHLA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY i.e. NOIDA. Initially a few residential Sectors were developed. A few enthusiastic Bengalis driven by the dream of promoting our homeland’s Bengali Culture, acclaimed to be one of the richest culture in the world, took initiative to organize Durga puja in Noida with main objective of bringing all the Bengalis of Noida under one banner and to establish a forum for spreading, practicing and further developing our traditional culture through generations together.

First Durga Puja celebration at Sector 27 Community Centre

Shree Shree Durga Puja was celebrated for the first time in Noida under the banner of ‘Noida Durga Puja Samiti’ in Oct. 1983 at Noida Club, Sector 27.

About NBCA 1983 B
About NBCA 1984 B

Registration of NBCA

Noida Bengali Cultural Association’ i.e. NBCA, formed in 1982, was registered in February 1984 with the Registrar of Societies & Chits, Uttar Pradesh. The aim was to promote our religious, cultural, philanthropic traditions and values, fostering a true sprit of charity, brotherhood & humanity and to create an atmosphere persuasive to the religious, social & cultural development of residents of Noida and adjoining areas.

Allocation of temple land

In May 1985 NOIDA allotted a plot of Land to NBCA in Sector-26.

About NBCA May 1985 B
About NBCA 1986 C

foundation stone for Construction of temple laid

Possession of Land was taken by NBCA in May 1986. On 16th Aug 1986, Bhumipujan was performed and foundation stone for Construction of temple laid by Swami Swanandaji maharaj, Secretary, Ram Krishna Mission, New Delhi.

Daily worship ritual starts

Construction of Ground floor temple completed and idol of Ma Kali was installed during Kalipuja (Deepabali) on 8th of November. Justice Sabyasachi Mukherji was the Chief Guest. Thus ritual of daily worship of the deities began in Kalibari.

About-NBCA-1988 B

Shiva lingam installation

Shiva lingam installed in the temple.

Construction of Mandir First Floor

With the passing of days with absolute dedication and devotion of the members, NBCA grew very fast. Construction of 1st floor of the Temple was done. On 13th May, a new Moorty (idol) of Goddess Kali made of Astadhatu (combination of eight metals), made by Artist Shri Paresh Paul of Krishna Nagar (West Bengal) was installed along with the Shivalingam on 1st floor of the Temple.

About NBCA June 1999 C

Radha Krishna temple

Construction of Radha Krishna temple on the 1st floor of the Temple complex completed. Astadhatu Moorty of Shri Shri Radha Krishna, also made by the Artist Shri Paresh Paul, was installed on 14th June 1999, with all religion fanfare.

Construction work of Dharmashala started

Construction work of Dharamsala started after Shri Shri Durga puja. Foundation stone laid by Smt Sunita Kandpal, Chairperson of Noida Authority on the 30th of November. Construction taken up in phases.

About NBCA 2000 B
About NBCA OCT 2005 B

Dharmashala inaugurated

Basement plus Ground & first floor of Dharamsala building in Kalibari Complex completed in February and formally inaugurated by Smt Sheela Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi on 9th October.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Silver Jubilee year celebrated with Gala Events throughout the years.

About NBCA 2007-8-E

Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.

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